Brake Repair in Brea, CA

The safety of your vehicle and your family is important, and there’s a Brea, CA, brake repair provider who’s up to the task of maintaining your ride’s most vital safety system. Ron & Wayne's Auto Repair, Inc. promptly schedules every project, and our aim is to have your work done as fast as possible.

We utilize high-quality products for every fix, so you can relax knowing that your brakes will last for many miles. Our technicians are ready to help you deal with:

  • Wear and damage to brake pads, rotors, and drums
  • Calipers that are broken or malfunctioning
  • Busted or pinched brake lines

Ron & Wayne's Auto Repair, Inc. is a locally owned and operated shop with the resources needed to make short work of every job. Our Brea, CA, brake repair technicians provide an honest answer for every question and address every concern in a friendly manner. We’re highly experienced, so call us and ask our courteous support team to help you schedule an appointment.